Capping Off An Amazing Year!

Date: July 12 2017

 Even if it was the last week of school there was no holding back at Daystar. Besides hosting Belt & Road Principals at our campus, we also had three significant other events happening to keep life exciting at Daystar! And as we mark our last day of the school year, here’s a small video recapping some of our key moments. We hope you enjoy the video-and have a wonderful summer!

Daystar Welcomes Washington Yu Ying Principal

First off, the principal of our sister school Washington Yu Ying Public Charter School, Maquita Alexander, just visited Daystar! This follows her educational tour with Head of School Elizabeth Hardage and Ivy Education Group’s founder Jack Hsu last November.

During her visit, she met with key Daystar senior leadership members, observed classes, and shared how she has managed to put their bilingual elementary school “on the map” so to speak. In terms of our collaboration, Yu Ying will be sending one of their “rockstar” teachers to come teach at Daystar this coming school year, while Daystar will be sending some of our teachers to observe and share best practices in Washington D.C.! We will further explore how we can create collaborations between our students.

Grade Five and Middle School Field Trips

This week both our Grade five students and Middle School students also enjoyed their last field trip of the school year. Here’s a recap from Mr. Steve Olah, Middle School Principal and Ms. Amy Luczak, Grade 5A English teacher.

Middle School

On Monday, June 26th, the middle school students went to the Ole Climbing Center where they could put their risk taking and collaboration skills together to see how they could challenge themselves. Students rotated through three sections: bouldering, wall climbing and collaboration games. While not every student was able to make it to the top, all students did achieve personal goals in attempting wall climbing; many who had not done this before. Collaboration games included lifting a student and passing them through netting without touching the floor and the banana boat relay. By the end of the day, the students were happily exhausted. Many thanks to the teachers for helping out: Mrs. Turner, Mr. Heyman, Mr. Grasso, Ms. Lui, Ms. Liu and Mr. Olah.

Grade 5

Also on Monday, the 5th grade students took their traditional overnight field trip to celebrate their graduation. They boarded a giant bus early that morning and headed to Rock Door Mountain near the outskirts of Huairou. Immediately they were taught by the Imagine company’s group leaders some basic survival skills like tying knots on trees, using knives and other tools properly, and how to make a fire, among other things. That evening the students shared marshmallows over a camp fire together.

The next morning, the challenge was to build a raft which would float in the river. All the rafts floated, but even so the students somehow ended up swimming in the river! In a final reflection, the consensus from both students and teachers was that the kids had learned so much about camping, survival, teamwork, and problem solving. What a perfect way to end the school year!