Harvard "Kroks" Enchants DS & BJ Communities

Date: June 11 2017

 Last Saturday June 10th was the perfect day for a perfect event. Ivy’s Distinguished Speaker Series proudly hosted Harvard University’s most prestigious a cappella group- the Harvard Krokodiloes at Chao Hotel…and the event was a resounding success!

The first part of the event featured a panel discussion. Former CCTV Host Eyee Hsu, and the founder of Shang Learning Nini Suet discussed with four Krok members their educational journey to Harvard University. Topics included how they were raised, peer influences, the college preparation and application process, life today at Harvard, and lessons learned thus far.

The common theme among all four of the Harvard Krok members was that their parents did not give them huge amounts of pressure. Rather, they encouraged the students to always strive for their best, made sure to expose them to different experiences, and let the students choose their own paths and interests. The parents' overriding messages was always stressing that it was about the journey, not the destination.

Another commonality from all Krok members was how they all shared that although Harvard has been a great experience for them, it’s not necessarily for everyone.

Finally, they shared that their journey as Krok members is truly an experience of a life time. Spending 80 days covering 17 countries together 24/7 builds a kind of camaraderie difficult to replicate in any other scenario. And they are grateful for the opportunity.

After a short break, the Kroks then performed a 45 minute concert to a full-house (300 people!) Kids and parents alike delighted in their mastery and harmony of wonderful American tunes!

Then it was time for the grand finale. Seven students from Daystar Academy’s Choral Group joined the 12 Krok members on stage and together, they sang the Chinese classic “Molihua” together. See the performance below!

We thank the Ivy, Daystar and Beijing community for joining us last Saturday. Our heartfelt thanks as well to the Harvard Krokodiloes for the insights, passion and talent. Stay tuned next week as we share with you the video from the entire event!