Sanlitun Campus Renovation Nears Completion

Date: May 24 2017


Daystar Beigao new Middle School building, designed by the same firm as Sanlitun campus

Everything is on track! Renovations for our Ivy Academy and Daystar Academy Sanlitun campus are due to be completed by the end of June. 

anySCALE, the architect firm responsible for the re-design of the Sanlitun campus, has also recently completed the beautiful Middle School expansion at Daystar Beigao campus. Below is a post showcasing their work. The Sanlitun campus will have a very similar feel, design, and quality as you can see from the pictures below.

anySCALE's post on their Daystar Beigao project dated May 22nd.

anySCALE recently completed all renovations and construction for Daystar Academy in Beijing. The existing campus was refurbished and enhanced along with the new extension, which was previously an unkempt property. Key materials included red brick and dark grey steel for the outside shell. For the interiors, wooden floors, natural rendered white ceilings, and colorful accents injected with tiles, cushions and rugs were chosen.

The exterior of the new buildings in the extension was designed to be cohesive with the rest of the campus, while the older buildings were updated with modern sensibilities. Light wells that span the entire length of the building were installed to allow plenty of sunlight. The core value for materials used was purity, and the team was proud to deliver a high-quality campus that serves as a safe, clean haven. 

anySCALE has already started receiving a lot of positive feedback from students, teachers and parents. The firm is the current architect for the Ivy Academy/Daystar Academy Sanlitun campus and looks forward to the continuing cooperation with Ivy Education Group.

Photographer: Jerry Yin

If you are interested in finding out more information about our Sanlitun campus, please contact:

Ivy Academy: 010-84511380/1 

Daystar Academy: 010-56039446