What Do Kids Learn from Kindergarten?

Date: April 8 2017

Laying a strong educational foundation for any child can help guarantee a child’s success in life. Ivy Schools, under Ivy Education Group, offers the only Multiple Intelligences (MI) program in China officially recognized by the International MI Institute, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

Our goal is when Ivy students graduate from our kindergartens, they are independent learners, and are prepared to succeed both socially and academically in not just in school, but in life.

We have 15 Ivy Kindergartens in five cities across China. Today, let's take a look at how we approach early childhood education, and the students' happy lives in the different campuses of Ivy Schools.

Ivy MI Kindergarten Three Thousand Castles Campus (Chengdu)

Spring has arrived. The Nursery C (ages 2-3) class children can't wait to produce unique butterflies! They were using their dexterous hands to create their own butterflies through the motions of "tear", and "stick". The students are using a variety of colors and sticker shapes to put on the small butterfly wings. It’s as if the clever, beautiful butterflies are dancing and are bustling with life for spring!

Ivy MI Kindergarten Eco-city Campus Hefeng Road (Tianjin)

The Nature Corner is a part of Ivy’s daily educational activities. It is also one of the ways to promote students’ ability to observe nature and enhance their cognitive development. Under the guidance of their teacher, the Pre-K2 (3-4 yrs old) class is carefully attending to small seeds buried in the soil, watering the seeds, observing any changes and recording their growth status every day. This educational activity not only helps cultivate children's sense of responsibility and the importance of labor, it can also help develop their appreciation and love of nature, and of life.

Ivy Bilingual School Jiaoda Campus (Xi'an)

English Lead Teacher Mr. Stephen is teaching students from Pre-K2 class how to bake delicious cookies in his cooking class, which takes place every Wednesday. Students are not only enhancing their fine motor skills, and dexterity, but are also improving their ability to express themselves in English, and learning a lot of English vocabulary associated with baking as well.


Ivy MI Kindergarten First City Campus (Xi'an)

The students of Pre-K2 class of First City Campus are naturally very curious and interested in science. Students can personally and actively explore, engage, and understand the mystery of the scientific world in the class science corner, rather than passively absorbing knowledge. Cultivating this natural curiosity at such a young age will help lead to a lifelong habit of exploration. Our goal is to strengthen the students' ability to observe, analyse data, and ask questions.


Ivy MI Kindergarten Eco-city Campus (Tianjin)

After the Tomb-Sweeping holiday, the students had their first flag raising ceremony. The Pre-K2 class was responsible for the flag raising ceremony this time. They marched with resoluteness while keeping their sweet smiles. They then swore a solemn oath “I am Chinese, I love my country! I am Chinese, I love five-star red flag!“.

All of the above examples reflect our emphasis on different areas, from art, to language acquisition, to science, and even to a sense of culture and national pride. For more information about Ivy Schools, please visit www.ivyschools.com.