Sanlitun Elementary Principal to Visit Beijing

Date: April 12 2017

We’re delighted to share that Ms. Kari King, the designated Elementary School Principal for Daystar Academy Sanlitun Campus will be visiting Beijing during the last week of April. Her one week visit will provide a wonderful opportunity for Ms. King to truly get to know Daystar and our community-from spending time in the classrooms, to interacting with the students, and meeting the Daystar staff and parent community.

This fall, Ms. King will be working closely with a group of K-12 senior administrators to lead the Daystar Academy Sanlitun campus. This includes our Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, Dr. Colt Turner, who will be overseeing both campuses.

In today’s post, we would like to highlight Dr. Turner and his team’s work. The below description reflects how already just one year into the team’s formation, their work is already being recognized internationally.

In March, Dr. Colt Turner and Ms. Jessica Heyman from Daystar Academy's Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (CIA) Office were extended the opportunity to present their current research at two professional development events: The Council of International Schools (CIS) Symposium in Singapore (March 23 & 24th) and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Global Conference in Yokohama, Japan (March 29-31).

This is Dr. Colt Turner and Ms. Jessica Heyman with the IB Head of Research (Dr. John Young) and a school administrator.

The CIS community includes over a 1,200 schools, colleges and universities in 112 countries. At the symposium in Singapore, dozens of educators attended Dr. Turner and Ms Heyman's hour-long workshop on “Think Through Learning: An Integrated Framework for Planning Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment in Bilingual Schools.” Daystar was the only school from Beijing selected to present at this important professional learning event.

The Global Conference in Japan is the IB’s largest annual professional development gathering in the Asia Pacific region, which supports more than 700 schools in 29 countries. At this conference, Dr. Turner and Ms. Heyman’s presentation covered a similar topic, and was again, very well received.

Over the past year, Dr. Turner and Ms. Heyman have been researching and developing a framework for teachers as they design standards-based curriculum, plan inquiry-driven instruction, and administer assessments in a bilingual school setting. Both the CIS and IB workshops provided excellent opportunities for the CIA team to share some of the structured, research-based ways in which Daystar integrates language and culture into the curriculum, instruction, and assessment planning processes. 

This July, Dr. Turner and Ms. Heyman are looking forward to presenting further information on this topic and the great work happening at Daystar during the 2017 IB Conference of the Americas in Orlando, Florida, USA.

For a special Q & A with Ms. King, prior to her visit to Beijing.