Enrich Your Skills Through ITI

Date: November 8 2017

The Ivy Training Institute (ITI) offers opportunities for professional development to Ivy Education Group team members in every work scope.


Ivy Builder’s Conference

In August we held the Ivy Builder’s Conference where Rosemarie Trujillo, Vice President for content and curriculum addressed our staff on teaching children about teaching kindness to children.

New Teacher Training Program

Later in August the Institute provided a New Teacher Training program to all of our incoming early childhood educators around China.


Senior Management Team Workshop

In the month of September, Mr. Brett Ho, the former CEO of Oracle Taiwan, Siebel Asia Pacific, UFSoft, and Kingdee gave an in depth day long workshop to our senior management team.


Campus Directors Training Program

In October we provided a 4-day training program for our newly recruited and promoted Campus Directors.


Professional Development Day

In November our staff can look forward to the winter session Professional Development Day featuring lectures on Ethics, Play Based Learning, Health and Safety and Language Instruction.

Interpretation Workshop

Also in November we will host Ms. Cathy Li’s half-day workshop on interpretation. Ms. Li is an EU trained translator and interpreter. She will work with our bilingual staff to improve their real time translation skills with tips and tricks of the trade.

Online Courses

Ivy Training Institute also offers a range of online courses. This Fall/Winter Season we are offering The Introduction to MI in the ECR Classroom" (bilingual), "The Language Rich Classroom" (Chinese), and "Use Your Words" (English).

Training And Information Sessions For Parents

In addition to programs for teachers, we also provide training and information sessions for parents including workshops on Growth Mindset and The Home School Connection.

‘Weekly One Offs’

Beginning in November we will also be providing ‘Weekly One Offs’ a series of one hour Professional Development workshops that can be offered in any ECE campus. These will provide support to all of our Kindergarten campuses in China by offering an all in one solution for weekly professional development.

Though the Ivy Training Institute is primarily focussed on providing opportunities to members of the Ivy Education Group family, we are able to provide bespoke Professional Development solutions for outside organizations.

For more information about all of our offerings as well as a full detailed schedule, contact training@ivygroup.org and be sure to follow Ivy Training Institute official WeChat.