Navigating a World of Opportunities

Date: December 1 2017

Daystar understands that a student's success in college begins well before they complete their high school academic experience. Our commitment to ensuring our graduates' success begins in middle school. Daystar's dedicated university counselor is one of the many resources our families can access to make informed decisions that lead to our students' long-term goal attainment.

Prior to entering high school, students have the opportunity to work with their university counselor to identify short- and long-term personal and academic goals. In the short term, the counselor helps students develop a four-year academic plan that prepares them to engage in a specific course of study after high school. While students work toward meeting their goals, the university counselor promotes student success by providing support in areas such as executive functioning, stress management, and conflict resolution.

Daystar's university counselor also works with students and families to identify best-fit university options. While some students may wish to attend large universities in urban settings, others may prefer a rural liberal arts college. Aside from size and location, our university counselor helps families identify programs of study aligned with students' long-term goals, including university majors, internship opportunities, post-graduate study, and career interests.

By providing this guidance, the counselor helps students understand the connection between how their preparation in high school fuels success in university and beyond. By assisting families in navigating the diverse opportunities, processes, and financial considerations associated with applying to universities throughout the world, Daystar’s university counselor supports our students and families to ensure they have the information necessary to make informed decisions when planning for future success