Five-Year Education Cultivating Bilingual Talents

Date: September 5 2017

A New Term. A New Season of Happiness, Learning, and Adventure! We are thrilled to welcome a new school year for all of our students! Together with our brand new campus in Sanlitun, Daystar Academy is ready for a wonderful year of student learning and unforgettable moments.


Inquiry-Based Learning in Elementary Education

A Five-Year Education Cultivating Bilingual Talents

As is well-known, bilingual educational level of Daystar Billingual School deserves the reputation it enjoys. Ms. Elizabeth Hardage, Head of Daystar Academy, adheres to developing bilingual education in an inquiry-based and student-centric manner. For a long time, the school has adopted a combined model of Chinese and Western education and an immersive bilingual teaching method, rather than monolingual learning. It enables students to acquire knowledge and skills in both Chinese and English. It creates a strong atmosphere of Chinese and Western culture, to ensure that students are aware of Chinese culture while also being proficient in Western culture, and also have leadership, creative thinking, public speaking and other necessary skills. Daystar nurtures students to excel in academics, be attentive to others, be responsible, and become empathetic, socially conscientious world citizens who serve the community at large.

Head of Daystar Academy, Ms. Elizabeth Hardage

As children grow, Daystar Academy adjusts our teaching models accordingly. At Kindergarten, we emphasize independence, free choice, and help students develop a strong foundation both academically and socially to success in their educational journey. As they enter elementary school, our curriculum adopts a bilingual educational model based on inquiry learning (50% for Chinese and 50% English), which balances concept, knowledge, skills, attitude and action. It requires students to use both Chinese and English in their language courses (with reference to reading, writing, speaking, listening), mathematics, science, sociology, history and geography, music, art and other curriculum.

Ms. Elizabeth Hardage, Head of Daystar Academy strongly believes in Daystar Academy’s core values of unity, love, respect, service and excellence. These values run through every aspect of our school, from the curriculum system, campus life, communication with parents, teacher-student relationship, and all other areas as well. Because of this, there are strict standards in teacher recruitment. "English teachers of Daystar Bilingual School are all from English-speaking countries, whereas Chinese teachers are also required to have an international educational background," says Ms.Hardage. With a strong educational system and highly-qualified teachers, Daystar Bilingual School students can perform well academically, and develop exceptional capabilities.

Results of the US MAP test conducted in January 2017, showed that Daystar’s elementary students scored 2 grades above expected level in English reading, exceeding their American counterparts, while middle school students scored 1.7 grades. They also fared on par in Chinese, compared to local Chinese students, despite spending only 50% of their school time in Chinese. According to results of the latest tests held in February 2017, Daystar students’ English and mathematics performance is better than the average level of peer international schools in Beijing, and their Chinese proficiency is on par with that of local public school students in Beijing’s Dongcheng District.


Rising Stars with Integrity

Extracurricular Life that Ignites Students Passion

Daystar Academy Primary School attaches great importance in cultivating children's character, developing their social skills and emotional expression abilities, so that children develop empathy while understanding their own needs as well. The character education curriculum, "Virtues in Us " encourages children to develop their own behavior through role-play, storytelling, painting, games, singing and other activities, to experience and understand justice, unity, service, generosity, love, sympathy, respect, honesty, etc., a total of 19 kinds of virtues. Daystar also fosters social responsibility in students through waste collection and recycling projects, handicraft collections for nearby orphanages, and volunteering.

Over the years, Daystar Academy’s Elementary School has been striving to bring a unique learning experience to students and inspire their enthusiasm with a colorful campus life. Not long ago, the French Embassy in Beijing held the "Nurseries for Nurseries" competition, to encourage schools to create a learning space for development of horticulture and sustainable agronomy. In all, 70 primary schools and kindergartens had participated in the competition this year. Daystar Academy achieved excellent results, winning the Environmental Awareness Award. In addition, Daystar has also set up natural and sustainable development projects to encourage students to discover and understand nature. Students can visit the school’s self-owned farms and greenhouses throughout the year, and grow and maintain crops along with faculty members.

Daystar also boasts our own swimming team, as well as a baseball team, which coaches students based on the U.S.’s Major League Baseball (MLB) standards. Furthermore, Daystar often invites well-known speakers, writers and award-winning international bands to give wonderful shows on campus, for students and parents to enjoy.


Quiet and Safe Quarters:

A Unique Experience at Sanlitun Campus

Daystar Academy’s Sanlitun Campus, is the second campus of Daystar Academy of Ivy Education Group. It is located in Diplomatic Area in the heart of Beijing. The excellent geographical location allows students to enjoy a unique out-of-school experience. The area is surrounded by rivers, meadows, bamboo forests, specially planted ginkgos and other tall plants. As autumn comes, the fallen leaves and flowers create a comfortable and harmonious atmosphere, and the safety factor is excellenthere. Except for the area’s borders, streets here are generally inaccessible by bus. Roads are one-way, and the shrill traffic whistles and parking on both sides of the roads, are prohibited. Even private cars are rare. Students are safe on the road to the maximum extent. In addition to embassies, the Quarter is also home to many other foreign institutions in China, such as offices of the United Nations, the European Union and several other international organizations. Students will have a unique out-of-school experience, walking to and from the campus.

At present, all facilities have been completely set up at the Sanlitun Campus, including a media laboratory, an art workshop, a garden and greenhouse, outdoor learning area, and advanced air filtration system and fresh air system. The campus environment is safe and healthy, and PM2.5 restriction policy is strictly implemented. If the PM2.5 value of a day is higher than 150, Daystar will arrange outdoor activities, to be held indoor. The Sanlitun campus boasts a state of the art air filtration system in the entire campus, guaranteeing the best air quality for our students 24/7.In addition, the Sanlitun Campus is one of the few schools in the country that provides students with food that does not contain any chemical pesticides and fertilizers. The Sanlitun Campus, as well as our Beigao campus, also has school nurses who have been professionally trained and certified by United Family Healthcare, one of China’s top medical institutions. All school nurses have First Aid Certificates. We will take care of children and lead them to grow stronger in every aspect of life.

In the bright autumn sunlight, children will take the first step to pursue knowledge at Daystar Academy.