Congratulations to All Ivy Graduates!

Date: July 13 2017

 Since our founding in 2003, Ivy Schools has taught over 10,000 students. From day one, our mission has been the same: to help our students develop a strong foundation both academically and socially, so they can grow up to have the courage to pursue their dreams and ambitions and make a visible difference to this world.

With 14 Ivy campuses across five cities (Beijing, Chengdu, Ningbo, Tianjin and Xi’an), we are incredibly proud to today, officially congratulate all of our kindergarten graduates this year! With over 400 students joining the 10,000 plus students who have already enjoyed an Ivy education, we can’t wait to see what positive impact they will have in our world, in the years to come!

Congratulations Kindergarten Graduates of 2017!



Ivy Bilingual School Ocean Express Campus

Ivy Bilingual School Orchid Garden Campus

Ivy Academy Central Park Campus 


Ivy MI Kindergarten First City Campus

Ivy MI Kindergarten Three Thousand Castles Campus


Ivy Bilingual School Summit Residences Campus


Ivy MI Kindergarten Eco-City Campus 


Ivy MI Kindergarten Eco-City Hefeng Road Campus


Ivy MI Kindergarten First City Campus

Ivy MI Kindergarten La Botanica Campus 

Selected graduation photos from Ivy Schools around China. Not pictured are Ivy Academy East Lake Villas Campus (Beijing), Ivy MI Kindergarten Lijing Campus (Beijing), Ivy Bilingual School Waterfront Campus (Tianjin) and Ivy MI Kindergarten Jiaoda Campus (Xi’an).