• Five-Year Education Cultivating Bilingual Talents
    September 5 2017

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  • Sanlitun Campus Welcomes First Campus Tour
    July 21 2017

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  • Congratulations to All Ivy Graduates!
    July 13 2017

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  • Capping Off An Amazing Year!
    July 12 2017

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  • Daystar Hosts Belt & Road Schools
    June 29 2017

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  • Sanlitun Renovation Update
    June 28 2017

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    June 11 2017

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  • Daystar Outperforms at MLB Junior Play Ball!
    June 7 2017

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    May 26 2017

    Thank you to everyone for your kind contribution and donations of our WE CARE initiative on UNITY DAY! Ivy Education Group believes that we have a social responsibility, and must do what we can to make a difference in our community, be it big or small. That is what WE CARE is all about. (Read more...)

  • Ivy To Host The Harvard Kroks
    May 24 2017

    Kicking off their 80-day global summer tour in China, we are the only education group hosting them in Beijing. The Kroks, as they are called, will be featured in our final Distinguished Speaker Series for the school year on Saturday, June 10th. (Read more...)

  • Sanlitun Campus Renovation Nears Completion
    May 24 2017

    Everything is on track! Renovations for our Ivy Academy and Daystar Academy Sanlitun campus are due to be completed by the end of June. (Read more...)

  • A True Day of UNITY
    May 22 2017

    UNITY DAY 2017 was everything we hoped it would be…and more.It was a day for Daystar and Ivy Schools to celebrate becoming one family. (Read more...)

  • “Learn From Each Other”
    May 3 2017

    Daystar Academy’s Head of School Ms. Elizabeth Hardage recently presented at the Chinese International School’s 2nd Dual-Language Symposium in Hong Kong. Over a thousand people attended the symposium, which featured Professor Emeritus and linguistics expert Stephen Krashen as the keynote speaker. (Read more...)

    May 2 2017

    There’s no way better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than with your family at an active, entertaining, yet meaningful afternoon! After a one year hiatus (due to renovations at the Daystar campus) UNITY DAY is back…and it’s going to be better than ever! (Read more...)

  • Developing Bilingual and Bicultural Learners
    April 26 2017

    It was a full house last night at our Daystar Sanlitun Parent Presentation at the Four Seasons Hotel Beijing. Parents were eager to meet with the school’s designated Elementary School Principal Ms. Kari King, and hear our in-depth presentation. (Read more...)

  • Up Close with Kari King
    April 19 2017

    Daystar Academy Sanlitun’s designated Elementary School Principal Kari King will be visiting Beijing! Originally from the United States, Ms. King currently works and resides in Panama. Ms. King is very much looking forward to spending her week getting to know Daystar & Ivy, observing our classes, meeting all the students and our wonderful community, and of course, experiencing a little bit of China as well! (Read more...)

  • Sanlitun Elementary Principal to Visit Beijing
    April 12 2017

    We’re delighted to share that Ms. Kari King, the designated Elementary School Principal for Daystar Academy Sanlitun Campus will be visiting Beijing during the last week of April. (Read more...)

  • What Do Kids Learn from Kindergarten?
    April 8 2017

    Laying a strong educational foundation for any child can help guarantee a child’s success in life. Ivy Schools, under Ivy Education Group, offers the only Multiple Intelligences (MI) program in China officially recognized by the International MI Institute, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. (Read more...)

  • The Ivy Training Institute Rolls Out
    March 31 2017

    Ivy Education Group began rolling out content from the Ivy Training Institute (ITI). The ITI is a new initiative aimed at ensuring that all staff; including teachers, administrators, support staff and school leaders have the best training possible to help them reach their professional potential and best serve our students and families. (Read more...)

  • The Best Professional Development Ever!
    March 18 2017

    For the past two days, Daystar Academy staff had a chance to take on a different type of role-one of a “student” versus a teacher or administrator. Kindergarten, Elementary and Middle School all held tailored professional development workshops. And according to the teachers and staff, they were a resounding success! (Read more...)

  • 2017 Distinguished Speaker Series
    February 10 2017

    Back by popular demand, Ivy Education Group is delighted to host another Distinguished Speaker Series around the central theme of Bilingualism. Our last session in January 2016 discussed “How to Successfully Raise A Bilingual Child”? For this upcoming session on March 11th, we are delving deeper into this topic, and exploring the question. (Read more...)

  • Bilingual Education Comes to Sanlitun!
    January 5 2017

    Our premier 50/50 bilingual program will be for elementary students (starting from grade 1). This campus is located at the former the International French School of Beijing, located near North Sanlitun Village. This marks the first time ever that a bilingual elementary school is available in such a prime location, and we are excited and grateful for the amount of interest, inquiries and applications we have already received so far! (Read more...)

  • BTC Culminates in Poignant Celebration
    December 12 2016

    It’s been a year in the making. What began as an abstract concept of close to 20 countries and regions descending upon Daystar Academy to celebrate Design For Change’s annual BE THE CHANGE conference came to fruition on the weekend of December 10th and 11th, 2016. And boy, what a weekend it was. (Read more...)

  • Ivy Secures Two Awards at Educational Conference
    November 28 2016

    Ivy Education Group was the proud recipient of “Top 10 National Education Group Award 2016”, while Ivy Education Group’s CEO Jack Hsu received”China Education Innovative Leader Award 2016”. (Read more...)

  • Daystar Academy Debuts in Sanlitun!
    November 18 2016

    After 14 years of providing top-notch bilingual education at its Beigao campus northeast of Beijing’s city center, Ivy Education Group’s Daystar Academy is proudly opening a second campus located in the heart of Beijing’s embassy area, Sanlitun! (Read more...)

  • Reflections on Recent US School Visits
    November 11 2016

    During the second week of November, Ivy Education Group’s founder Jack Hsu and Chief Academic Officer Elizabeth Hardage travelled to the United States. Below is a snapshot of Ms. Hardage's observations during her trip. (Read more...)

  • Enthusiasm & Passion Mark Ivy’s WEEK FOR CHANGE
    October 18 2016

    Such enthusiasm and passion marked Ivy Education Group’s inaugural “WEEK FOR CHANGE” which kicked off on Monday September 19th. Over 3,000 students from 15 campuses across China have participated or will be participating in this initiative. Our goal? To help raise money and help make a difference in both our community, and beyond. (Read more...)

  • Educators from 3 Top Bilingual Schools Discuss Bilingualism
    January 29 2016

    Despite the freezing cold weather on Saturday, close to a hundred and fifty people gathered at the Four Seasons Hotel Beijing to hear and discuss a topic close to their hearts: "How to Successfully Raise A Bilingual Child." (Read more...)