Sheena.Lv English Assistant Teacher China I am inspired by the open environment and fabulous colleagues.



Ms. Lv has worked for Ivy Academy for two and half years. This is her first job. Before joining Ivy, she received her Master’s Degree at Penn State University in the U.S., and her Bachelor’s Degree at Beijing Normal University, majoring in Education.

What is your role? 
My job is to cooperate with my teaching team, to do our best to provide the children with a nice, safe, varied, rich and fun learning environment. I also assist the lead teacher to complete documentation. In addition, when the school needs me to help with marketing events or workshops, I am ready to do so.
What do you like about working at Ivy? 
I believe in Ivy’s core educational theory. According to our Multiple Intelligence theory, children can truly learn a lot while playing and having fun. As a teacher I may be one of the first people to witness a child’s change. Also, I enjoy Ivy’s working environment. School is supposed to be a joyful place. At Ivy Schools everyone is happy and enjoy sharing their experience. To me this is my first responsibility. It may not always be easy. For me, I have received a lot help from my colleague.  They care for me and discuss their ideas with me, which can help me explore my own way on teaching.